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Affordable Care Act & Health Insurance Marketplace: For Library Staff

Information and resources for library staff about the Affordable Care Act and health insurance enrollment

Resources for Library Staff

eHealth:  WebJunction

This project is supported through an agreement with the Institute of Museum and Library Services, and while work is just getting under way, the following is intended to to provide information to the library community regarding opportunities and resources to connect patrons to health and wellness information.

Libraries and the Affordable Care Act

LibGuide created by the National Network of Libraries of Medicine for library staff.

Affordable Care Act:  ALA

The American Library Association's statement about the Affordable Care Act and the role of libraries.

Read the Law

The Affordable Care Act was passed by Congress and then signed into law by the President on March 23, 2010.  Includes links to the ten sections of the ACA, the full text of the law, and the Supreme Court's decision on the ACA.

Medical Reference

Medical Questions:  STAR Reference Manual

The following is a sample set of guidelines on handling medical questions. Be sure to check with your own library to see if there are other guidelines you should use instead. There is also a sample caution statement you can use as a model. Some libraries make copies of such caution statements and give them to patrons along with the library material.  From the Nebraska STAR Reference Manual.

The Consumer Health Reference Interview and Ethical Issues

From the National Network of Libraries of Medicine.  Consumers often need assistance in locating appropriate resources to answer information requests. The consumer health librarian may face some important challenges during the reference interview, the initial point of interaction between the consumer and the librarian. Many consumers search the Internet for health information and find information of varying degrees of quality.

Guidelines for Providing Medical Information to Consumers

From the University of Connecticut Health Center Library's consumer health information program for Connecticut residents and public libraries.

Technical Requirements for Online Enrollment

The following information is from the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) regarding the technical requirements and privacy issues for those enrolling for health insurance through

What are the requirements for the website?

There is a link to this information on  The basic need is to have: Adobe Acrobat/PDF (Portable Document Format) Version 5.0/4.0 or later and an up to date web browser.  Current browser versions are better, however, older versions of IE like IE 8 or 7 will work, but not as well:

Information about privacy, accessibility, and other requirements can be accessed from the links at the lower right of any page at

Will pop-up blockers need to be disabled?


Does CMS have any recommendations regarding privacy on public computers that will be available, e.g. clearing out sessions, not storing a user history, etc.?

Once the person signs out of the session then the information would not be accessible to the next user. If the person is on the computer and walks away it will time out after a specific period of time and then it would require signing back in.

It is very crucial that users are aware that if the person who is signed on walks away from the computer and someone else comes before the time out period on the computer they will have access to the information, so it is very important to sign off before moving away from the computer.