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The Train Station: FAQ

Continuing Education opportunities for all NC Library staff

CE Advisory Committee Roster


Lauren Clossey
Continuing Education Consultant,
Telephone 919.807.7416

Tanya Prokrym
Chief of Library Development
Telephone 919.807.7415

State Library of North Carolina
4640 Mail Service Center
Raleigh, NC 27699-2460. 
Telephone 919.807.7400  Fax 919.733.8748. 

How Do I . . . ?

How do I let the Train Station know about new continuing education programs?

Please email Lauren Clossey ( about new events or information that might be of interest to others in the NC library community regarding continuing education opportunities.

How do I search the calendar for offerings that meet my needs?

At the current time you can search the calendar by the format of the offering (i.e. webinar, conference, etc.) but not by subject.  We hope to add this feature in the near future. 

How do I find out about new additions to this site?

You can set up an RSS feed so that you are notified when changes are made to this site.  For updates to the Calendar, use the links below.

How do I sign up for the continuing education listserve? 

The continuing education listserve, called CEinfo, is separate from this LibGuides site.  CEinfo is a way to share information, collaborate with others, and solve common CE concerns via listserve communications.  CEinfo is open to anyone with an interest in continuing education in NC libraries.

What's the CEAC and what is its role?

The Continuing Education Advisory Committee (CEAC) is a committee that advises the State Library on continuing education issues.  Members are appointed to the committee by the State Librarian and serve for a specific term. (The ending term date of current CEAC members is shown in parentheses next to their name.)  CEAC members represent a variety of library communities of interest and are also chosen to represent geographic areas of the state. 

What's the platform for this site?

This site is created and hosted using LibGuides and LibCal.  For more information about this resource please contact Springshare.

Who do I contact to report errors, broken links, or other technical problems?

Please contact Jeffrey Hamilton or Lauren Clossey at the State Library to report any errors or technical problems.