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Tutorials from the Government and Heritage Library: Home


File Naming: A four-part video series (~10 minutes)

File naming is an easy first step to long term preservation. Learn why you should care, and some easy steps to keep your files organized.

Part one:

Part two:

Part three:

Part four:

Introduction to CINCH: A free digital preservation tool for North Carolina libraries (7:26 minutes)

A short tutorial that introduces CINCH, the Capture, INgest, CHecksum tool developed by the State Library of North Carolina to help libraries and archives collect and process born-digital files on the internet in accordance with digital preservation best practices. For more information, visit

Link to video:

Saving your Facebook data (6:27 minutes)

This video walks you through how and why you should save your Facebook profile, posts, photos and videos. This video, designed for a general audience, is part of the State Library of North Carolina's "Inform U" series.

Link to video:


An introduction to NCpedia (4:24 minutes)

NCpedia ighlights North Carolina's unique resources, people and culture to enrich, educate and inform.

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NC Newspaper Locator: Quick research tips! (2:57 minutes)

Newspapers are important resources for genealogy and history researchers. The North Carolina Newspaper Locator can help you narrow your search to microfilmed newspapers held at the State Library's Government and Heritage Library. Learn how the tool can help you find newspapers published in cities and/or counties in a particular year or range of years.

Link to video: