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History of African American Education in N.C.: Biographies

North Carolina African American Educators: A List

The Rev. J. C. Price was an early civil rights activist
and educator and founder of Livingstone College.


This list contains African Americans who made significant contributions to the development of educational opportunities for African Americans or in the field of education in general. Some were born in North Carolina, others made professional contributions while living or working in the state. The list is a work in progress and will continue to be added to. Links take viewers to biographical articles in either or  Click on the blue linked text to view the biographical entry.


Bethune, Mary Jane McLeod (1875-1955)

Brown, Charlotte Eugenia Hawkins (1883-1961)

Browne, Marjorie Lee (1914–1979)

Burke, Selma Hortense (1900-1995)

Chavis, John (1763-1838)

Cheatham, Henry Plummer (1857-1935)

Chesnutt, Charles Waddell (1858-1932)

Cooper, Anna Julia Haywood (1858-1964)

Councill, William Hooper (1849-1909)

Counts, Dorothy (1942– )

Crutcher, Ronald Andrew (1947– )

Delaney, Harold (1919-1994) 

Delany, Henry Beard (1858-1928)

Floyd, Elson S. (1956–2015)

Grigsby, Jefferson Eugene, Jr. (1918 – )

Holland, Annie Wealthy (1871-1934)

Hollingsworth, Dorothy (1920- )

Hyman, John Adams (1840-1891)

Jacobs, Louisa Matilda (1833-1917)

Johnson, Edward A. (1860-1944)

Johnson, Yvonne Jeffries (1942- )

Jones, Ruth Braswell (1914--)

Jordan, Carrie T.

Jordan, Dock

Lincoln, Charles Eric (1924-2000)

Meachum, John Berry (1789-1854)

Moore, Charles H. (1853-1952)

Patterson, Mary Jane (1840-1894)

Price, Joseph C. (1854--1893)

Savage, W. Sherman (1890-1981)

Shaw, George Clayton (b. 1863)

Shepard, James Edward (1875-1947)

Stanley, Sara G. [Woodward] (1837-1918)

Taylor, Gertrude Tandy

Taylor, James T.

Taylor, Robert Robinson (1868-1942)