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North Carolina Freedom Park: Business and Law

This guide contains information about the creation of the NC Freedom Park and its board members; an overview of African American history in North Carolina; and the themes of freedom as they relate to culture, education, and business and law.


Image Credit: A photograph of Charles N. Hunter published in 1925, Internet Archive.

Charles N. Hunter (January 9 1852-September 4, 1931)

Founder of the North Carolina Industrial Association

Image Credit: Photographs, Josephine Napolean Leary Collection, David M. Rubenstein Rare Book & Manuscript Library, Duke University Libraries

Josephine Napoleon Leary (1856-1923)

Entrepreneur and Real Estate Mogul


Image Credit: 2021 Legal Legends of Color: Judge Elreta Melton Alexander,

Elreta Melton Alexander Ralston (March 21,1919- March 14 1998)

Attorney, District Court Judge

Image Credit: Julius L Chambers, Wikimedia Commons

Julius L Chambers (October 6, 1936- August 2, 2013)

Civil Rights Lawyer 

Medical Practitioners

Image Credit: George Simkins Jr., Dentist, and Community Leader, African American Registry

George Simkins (Aug. 23, 1924-Nov. 21, 2004)

Dentist, Civil Rights Activist

Image Credit: Brigadier General Clara L Adams-Ender, National Archives and Records Administration

Brigadier General Clara Adams- Ender (July 11, 1939- )

18th Chief, Army Nurse Corps

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