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Financial Publications of North Carolina Government: Department of the State Treasurer

Title pages link to State Treasurer reports

State Treasurer of North Carolina, Annual Report

The State Treasurer serves as the state's banker and chief investment officer.  The Treasurer's primary duties include: managing public funds; serving as sole fiduciary for the North Carolina Retirement Systems, which provide retirement benefits for more than 700,000 North Carolinians; investing public funds to earn consistent returns; supervising the state's banking system: administering the state's unclaimed property fund; issuing the annual Debt Affordability Report to inform the Governor and lawmakers about the amount of debt that the state can manage.

Reports in paper are available 1989 to 2009.  

Digital issues are available of the StateTreasurer's Annual Report from 1995 to 2017. (The 2016-2017 report is the last published by the office of the State Treasurer.)


Debt Affordability Study

The Debt Affordability Advisory Committee was created by the legislature in 2004.  The committee annually advises the Governor and General Assembly on the estimated debt capacity of the State for the coming 10 years.  This report provides the Governor and General Assembly a basis for assessing the impact of future debt issuance on the State’s fiscal position.  It enables informed decision making regarding both financing proposals and capital spending priorities.

There are no paper reports.

Digital issues are available of the Debt Affordability Study from 2005 to present.