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KLAS User's Guide: Home

How to use KLAS for staff

About this Guide

This guide is organized by KLAS module. Each department has particular KLAS modules that they will use more often. Use the tabs to navigate by module. Each module page will have handouts, exercises and multimedia (as needed). It is a good idea to first learn about the modules you will be most heavily using and then work on parts of the other modules that you may use occasionally. In building this guide we have focused mainly on the basic tasks and how to do them better. For things beyond the basics we have used staff input to guide us on what should be included extra. If something has been missed, please let us know so we can update the guide.

How to Use this Guide

To use this guide, navigate by module tab to discover different hands-on exercises, handouts and other multimedia information. In some cases, modules are divided by more heavily used functions when there is enough material to be useful.