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North Carolina Freedom Park: Education

This guide contains information about the creation of the NC Freedom Park and its board members; an overview of African American history in North Carolina; and the themes of freedom as they relate to culture, education, and business and law.


Image Credit: Anna J. Cooper 1858-1964, NC Highway Historical Marker Program

Anna J. Cooper 

Feminist, Educator

Image credit: John Hope Franklin Timeline, Duke University Libraries

John Hope Franklin (January 2, 1915-March 25, 2009) 

Historian, Educator 


Image Credit: "Who was Ella Baker," Ella Baker Center for Human Rights

Ella J. Baker (December 13,1903-December 13, 1986) 

Mother of the Civil Rights Movement   

Image Credit: “Golden Frinks,” ECU Digital Collections 

Golden Frinks (April 26, 1920-July 19, 2004)

Civil Rights Activist 

Religious Leaders

Image Credit: "Hood, James Walker" NCpedia

James Walker Hood (May 30, 1831-October 30, 1918) 

Clergyman, Politician 


Image Credit: "Sebastian, Martha Josephine Oxford," NCpedia

Martha Josephine Oxford (May 6, 1896-April 24, 1948) 

Pioneer Librarian


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