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Genealogical Indexes and Abstracts of Newspapers: Newspapers before 1800

Use this guide to find indexes to genealogical information in Newspapers. These indexes are located in our Genealogical Research Room unless otherwise indicated. Please note this does note reflect the holdings of our newspaper collection.

Before 1800

*All sources are located in the Genealogy stacks unless specified*


1636-1850   Vital record of Rhode Island. First series. Births, marriages and deaths. A family register for the people

Call number: 929.3 R4 A756v

1670-1929   Calvert Co., Maryland, family records: church & newspaper records, tombstone inscriptions, family Bible records, court house marriage & birth records

Call number: 929.3 M3c O13c

1726-1768   Genealogical data from colonial New York newspapers: a consolidation of articles from the New York genealogical and biographical Record  

Call number: 929.3 N7 G326

1727-1775 / 1791-1795   Gleanings from Maryland newspapers

Call number:  929.3 M3 B261g

1728-1799   Along the Potomac River : extracts from the Maryland Gazette

Call number: 929.3 M3 S771a

1729-1879   Delaware genealogical abstracts from newspapers

Call number: 929.3 D3 R517d

1738-1938 / 1736-1952   Essex County, Virginia newspaper notices

Call number: 929.3 V8es P665e

1743-1800   Genealogical data relating to the German settlers of Pennsylvania and adjacent territory : from advertisements in newspapers published in Philadelphia and Germantown

Call number: 929.3 P4 H685g

1751-1798   Abstracts from the North Carolina Gazette of New Bern, North Carolina (1751-1759 and 1768-1790, 1791-1798)

Call number: 929.3 N8 F782ab   v. 1-2

1760   South Carolina newspapers : the South-Carolina Gazette

Call number: 929.3 S7 S7262 1760

1763-1774   White Maryland runaways

Call number: 929.3 M3 B792w

1763-1806   Savannah, Georgia, newspaper clippings (Georgia gazette)

Call number: 929.3 G3cha K48s

1765-1803   Abstracts from newspapers of Wilmington, North Carolina

Call number: 929.3 N8ne F782a

1775-1906   Jewish marriage notices from the newspaper press of Charleston, S.C.

Call number: 929.3 S7 E52j

March 15, 1781   North Carolina biographical sketches of soldiers and patriots in the Battle of Guilford Courthouse : American Revolutionary War

Call number: 973.3 D238n

1781-1790   Notices from New Jersey newspapers

Call number: 929.3 N5 W753n

1783-1816   Vermont newspaper abstracts: Vermont gazette, The Vermont gazette, Epitome of the world, The Green-Mountain farmer

Call number: 929.3 V5 R595v

1784-1789   An index to North Carolina newspapers

Call number: 929.3 N8 W337i 1784/1789

1784-1829   American deaths and marriages

Call number: 929.3 A11 G283a

1785-1800   Abstracts of South Central Pennsylvania newspapers

Call number: 929.3 P4 W949a

1785-1800   Abstracts from newspapers of Edenton, Fayetteville, & Hillsborough, North Carolina

**includes Chowan, Cumberland, & Orange counties**

Call number: 929.3 N8 F782abs

1786-1810   Western Maryland newspaper abstracts: compilation of items taken from the available newspapers of Hagerstown and Frederick, Maryland

Call number: 929.3 M3 W949w

1787-1799    Abstracts from the State Gazette of North Carolina (1787-1791, 1792-1795, 1796-1799)

Call number: 929.3 N8 F782a v. 1-3

1790-1860   Chapters in the history of Abbeville County : the "banner county" of South Carolina

Call number: 975.735 W269c

1790-1834   Maryland Eastern Shore newspaper abstracts

Call number: 929.3 M3 W949ma

1790-1857   Some southern states veterans of the American Revolution

Call number: 973.345 B787s

1791-1828   Genealogical abstracts from Tennessee newspapers   (1791-1808, 1803-1812, 1821-1828)

Call number: 929.3 T2 E21g

1791-1861   Marriage, death, and estate notices from Georgetown, S.C., newspapers

Call number: 929.3 S7g H725m

1792-1810   Abstracts from the North Carolina Journal, Halifax, North Carolina

Call number: 929.3 N8h F782a

1792-1839   Marriage and death notices from Columbia, South Carolina, newspapers

Call number: 929.3 S7 H725marc

1792-1900   Knox County, Tennessee marriage records

Call number: 929.3 T2k D222k

1793-1810   Pioneer Ohio newspapers

Call number: 929.3 O3 G796p

1794-1851   Marriages from early Tennessee newspapers

Call number: 929.3 T2 L933m 

1794-1851   Obituaries from early Tennessee newspapers

Call number: 929.3 T2 L933o

1796-1824   Marriages and deaths from Baltimore newspapers   (MD)

Call number: 929.3 M3ba B261m

1796-1826   Marriage and death notices from Raleigh, N.C., newspapers

Call number: 929.3 N8, M359

1796-1814   Savannah, Georgia, newspaper clippings (Columbian Museum)

Call number: 929.3 G3cha K48sc

1797-1999   African-American records: Bracken County, Kentucky

Call number: 929.3 K3br A258

1797-1842   Marriage and death notices in newspapers published in Wilmington, North Carolina

Call number: 929.3 N8ne K29ma

1799-1811   Early Jefferson County, Georgia newspaper abstracts

Call number: 929.3 G3jef P856e 1799/1811

1799-1819   Abstracts of vital records from Raleigh, North Carolina newspapers

Call number: 929.3 N8 N341a    v. 1

1799-1855   Marriage and death notices (NC)

Call number: 929.3 N8 B875m v. 1-3

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