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Genealogical Indexes and Abstracts of Newspapers: 1850-1900

Use this guide to find indexes to genealogical information in Newspapers. These indexes are located in our Genealogical Research Room unless otherwise indicated. Please note this does note reflect the holdings of our newspaper collection.


*All sources are located in the Genealogy stacks unless specified*


1670-1929   Calvert Co., Maryland, family records, 1670-1929: church & newspaper records, tombstone inscriptions, family Bible records, court house marriage & birth records

            Call number: 929.3 M3c O13c

1729-1879   Delaware genealogical abstracts from newspapers

            Call number: 929.3 D3 R517d

1736-1952    Essex County, Virginia newspaper notices

            Call number: 929.3 V8es P665e

1775-1906   Jewish marriage notices from the newspaper press of Charleston, S.C.

            Call number: 929.3 S7 E52j

1790-1857   Some southern states veterans of the American Revolution

            Call number: 973.345 B787s

1790-1860   Chapters in the history of Abbeville County : the "banner county" of South Carolina

            Call number: 975.735 W269c

1791-1861   Marriage, death, and estate notices from Georgetown, S.C., newspapers

            Call number: 929.3 S7g H725m

1792-1900   Knox County, Tennessee marriage records

            Call number: 929.3 T2k D222k

1797-1999   African-American records: Bracken County, Kentucky

            Call number: 929.3 K3br A258

1799-1855   Marriage and death notices (NC)

            Call number: 929.3 N8 B875m v. 1-3

1799-1893   Marriage and death notices from Raleigh Register and North Carolina State Gazette 

            Call number: 929.3N8B875m

19th century   Abstracts of marriages and deaths of extant Washington, NC newspapers   

          Call number:   929.3 N8b A164 V.1

19th century   Deaths and marriages from 19th century Florence, S.C., newspapers 

            Call number: 929.3 S7fl D313d

19th century   Reported deaths in nineteenth century Jackson, Tennessee, newspapers

            Call number: 929.3 T2j S652r

1801-1863   Marriages and deaths from Mississippi newspapers

            Call number: 929.3 M7 W756m

1807-1919   The news from Milan, Rhine, and Old Telfair (GA)

           Call number: 929.3 G3do E92nm

1808-1854   Death records of Missouri men from newspapers 

            Call number: 929.3 M8 W748d

1809-1887   Georgia newspaper clippings, Washington County extracts

            Call number: 929.3 G3was E92g

1809-1889   Georgia newspaper clippings, Putnam County extracts  

            Call number: 929.3 G3put E92g

1810-1857   More death records from Missouri newspapers

            Call number: 929.3 M8 S788de 1810/1857

1811-1892   Georgia newspaper clippings, Montgomery County extracts

            Call number: 929.3 G3mon E92g

1812-1853   1300 "missing" Missouri marriage records from newspapers

           Call number: 929.3 M8 W748t

1814-1851    Athens, Georgia, newspaper clippings (Southern Banner)

            Call number: 929.3 G3cl E92a

1815-1906   Abstracts of marriages and deaths of extant Washington, N.C.

            Call number: 929.3 N8b A164

1816-1865   Marriage and death notices from Camden, South Carolina newspapers

            Call number: 929.3 S7k H725m

1816-1865   Marriage and death notices from the Fayetteville (NC) Observer : weekly and semi-weekly

            Call number: 929.3 N8cu S649m

1818-1903   Darien, Georgia, newspaper clippings   

            Call number: 929.3 G3ma E92d

1819-1890   Marriage and death notices from Alabama newspapers and family records

            Call number: 929.3 A3 F663m

1819-1893   Marriage, death and legal notices from early Alabama newspapers

            Call number: 929.3 A3 G196m

1820-1872   Milledgeville, Georgia, newspaper clippings (Southern recorder) 

            Call number: 929.3 G3bal E92m

1820-1860   Newspaper notices of Mississippians

            Call number: 929.3 M7 M678n

1820-1853   Early Missouri marriages in the news

            Call number: 929.3 M8 S788e

1820-1865   Marriage and death notices from the Hillsborough Recorder (NC)

            Call number: 929.3 N8or M969m

1821-1875   Death, marriage and probate notices from Montgomery, Alabama newspapers

            Call number: 929.3 A3mont C381d

1822-1907   Georgia newspaper clippings Dooly County extracts

            Call number: 929.3 G3doo E92g

1823-1865   York, South Carolina, Newspapers: Marriage, and Death Notices

            Call number: *1 Copy Ordered as of 03-11-2013*

1823-1869   Macon, Georgia, newspaper clippings (Messenger)

            Call number: 929.3 G3bi E92m

1823-1891   The Woodville Republican, Mississippi's oldest existing newspaper

            Call number: 929.3 M7wi W651w

1824-1865   Deaths and marriages from Tarboro, North Carolina, newspapers

            Call number: 929.3 N8e J72d

1824-1904   Georgia newspaper clippings, Crawford County extracts

            Call number: 929.3 G3cra E92g

1825-1856    Family chronicles of the Paterson Intelligencer. Marriages and deaths   (NJ)

            Call number: 929.3 N5 B787f 1825/1856

1826-1865   Abstracts of extant Greenville, South Carolina, newspapers concerning black people, free and slave

            Call number: 929.3 S7gr M133ab 1826/1865

1826-1863   Marriage and death notices from the up-country of South Carolina : as taken from Greenville newspapers

            Call number: 929.3 S7 H725maru

1826-1828 / 1850-1857   Marriages and deaths, accidents, duels and runaways, etc., compiled from the Weekly Georgia Telegraph, Macon, Georgia

            Call number: 929.3 G3bi W667m

1826-1887   Macon, Georgia, newspaper clippings (Weekly Telegraph)

            Call number: 929.3 G3bi E92ma

1826-1835 / 1847-1856   The Greensboro Patriot index  (NC)

            Call number: 929.3 N8gu F663g

1826-1854   Some South Carolina marriages & obituaries and miscellaneous information

            Call number: 929.3 S7 S613s

1830-1887   Baldwin County, Georgia, newspaper clippings (Union recorder) 

            Call number: 929.3 G3bal E92b

1830-1940   Index to obituaries and death notices in surviving Rutherford County, North Carolina newspapers

            Call number: 929.3 N8ru G326

1832-1907   Georgia newspaper clippings, Sumter County extracts   

            Call number: 929.3 G3su E92g

1832-1858   Columbus, Georgia, newspaper clippings (Columbus enquirer)   

            Call number: 929.3 G3mus K48c

1832-1864   Deaths reported by Der Libanon Demokrat: a German language newspaper published at Lebanon, Pennsylvania

            Call number: 929.3 P4 H466d

1832-1890   Obituaries and marriage notices from the Carolina Watchman (NC)

         Call number: 929.3 N8 F967o

1835-1862   Real estate and legal notices from Charlotte, North Carolina newspapers

            Call number: 929.3 N8me C7709r

July 3, 1835 -Dec. 7, 1851   Marriage and death notices from the Charlotte Journal   (NC)

            Call number: 929.3 N8 N323m

1835-1887   Marriage and death notices from Baptist newspapers of South Carolina

            Call number: 929.3 S7 H725marr

1836-1870   Index to marriage and death notices in the New-Yorker Staats-Zeitung

            Call number: 929.3 N7 B586i

1836-1872   Abbeville District, South Carolina newspaper notices of land cases and sales

            Call number: 929.3 S7a W269a

1838-1860   Marriage and death notices from Columbia, South Carolina, including legal notices from burnt counties

            Call number: 929.3 S7 H725marc 1838/1860

1838-1880    Lincoln County, Tennessee, official marriage records

            Call number: 929.3 T2li M365l

1840-1882   Miscellaneous Texas newspaper abstracts

            Location: Genealogy -- Microfiche

            Call number: 929.3 T3 K29m

1841-1850   Fayetteville Observer (NC) marriage & death abstracts

            Call number: 929.3 N8cu T988f 1841/1850

1841-1882   Early Anderson County, S.C., newspapers, marriages and obituaries

            Call number: 929.3 S7an W687e

1843-1865   Marriage and death notices from upper S.C. newspapers: abstracts from newspapers of Laurens, Spartanburg, Newberry, and Lexington districts

            Call number: 929.3 S7 H725m

January 1843 - 25 December 1857   Boone County, Missouri ... deaths reported in & chronological index to selected articles from the Columbia Missouri statesman  

            Call number: 929.3 M8boo W362b

1845-1874   Albany, Georgia, newspaper clippings   

            Call number: 929.3 G3 E92a

1846-1890   Marriage & death notices from Barbour and Henry Counties, Alabama newspapers

            Call number: 929.3 A3 F663ma

1846-1867   Marriage and death notices in Raleigh Register and North Carolina State Gazette

            Location: Genealogy -- Storage -- 4th Floor

            Call number: F15 2:M35 1979

1847-1850 / 1866-1870   Marriage & death notices from Wilmington, North Carolina newspapers

            Call number: 929.3 N8ne S189m

1848-1896   Callaway County, Missouri : ... deaths reported in & chronological index to selected articles from The Fulton Telegraph & Gazette newspapers

            Call number: 929.3 M8ca W362cd

1848-1858   Abstracts of notices found in the North Carolina Argus

            Call number: 929.3 N8an B161a

1849-1850   Abstracts from the Old North State, Elizabeth City, NC

            Call number: 929.3 N8pa F782a

1849-1853      Records from obituary and marriage notices as published in the following newspapers in Wilmington, North Carolina: the Commercial (March 17, 1849 to March 15, 1851) & the Wilmington Herald (May 14, 1851 to May 7, 1853)

            Call number: 929.3 N8ne D238r

1849-1864   The 49ers'   (MO)

            Call number: 929.3 M8 W362f

April 17, 1850 - Sept. 17, 1881   Texas Methodist newspaper abstracts   

            Location: Genealogy -- Microfilm, Mezzanine

            Call number: 929.3 T3 L926t

1850-1871   Irish relatives and friends: from "Information Wanted" ads in the Irish-American (NY)

            Call number: 929.3 N7ne D321i

1851-1870   Missouri marriages in the news  

            Call number: 929.3 M8 S788mm

1851-1865   Marriage & death notices abstracted from the Fayetteville Observer (NC)

            Call number: 929.3 N8cu B851m 1851/1865

1851-1892   Death Notices from the People's Press (Salem, North Carolina)

            Call number: 929.3 N8f T674d

1851-1912   Union County, South Carolina, marriage records: from early newspapers, marriage registers, deed books & probate records 

            Call number: 929.3 S7u V36um

1852-1914   Union County, South Carolina death notices: from early newspapers

            Call number: 929.3 S7u V36ud 1852/1914

1852-1862   Southern Baptist Messenger, 1852-1862 (a Georgia Primitive Baptist newspaper): marriages and obituaries           

            Call number: 929.3 G3 S727 1852/62

1852-1886   Greene County, Georgia, newspaper clippings   

            Call number: 929.3 G3gre E92g

1852-1889   Washington County, Georgia, newspaper clippings

            Call number: 929.3 G3was E92w

1852-1898   Items of interest from the Lancaster Ledger: Lancaster, South Carolina

            Call number: 929.3 S7l W453i

1853-1854   Genealogical abstracts from The Autauga Citizen, in Prattville, Autauga County, Alabama

            Call number: 929.3 A3a V788g

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*All sources are located in the Genealogy stacks unless specified*

1853-1870    Death notices from the Western Democrat (NC) 

            Call number: 929.3 N8 H427d 

1853-1870    Marriage notices from the Western Democrat (NC) 

            Call number: 929.3 N8 H427m    v. 1-3

1853-1889   Death and marriage notices from Autauga County, Alabama newspapers

            Call number: 929.3 A3a C381d

1854-1868   Lost marriages of Buckingham County, Virginia: drawn from a newly-recovered marriage register

            Call number: 929.3 V8buc K46l

January 1854-December 1860   Death records from Missouri newspapers  

            Call number: 929.3 M8 S788de

1855-1862   Abstracts from early newspapers published in Concord, North Carolina

            Call number: 929.3 N8c H823a

1855-1861 / 1860-1865 / 1860-1864   Newspaper abstracts from Pike County, Alabama   

            Call number: 929.3 A3pik S478n

1856-1893   Marriage and death notices (NC)

            Call number: 929.3 N8 B875m v. 4-6

1857-1888   Thomas County, Georgia, newspaper clippings  

            Call number: 929.3 G3th E92t

1858-1883   Index to obituaries and death notices in the Jonesboro Gazette   (IL)

            Call number: 929.3 I2u D526i

1858-1873   Early Newberry: abstracts from Newberry newspapers   (SC)

            Call number: 929.3 S7n G824ne

1859-1862   Columbus, Georgia, newspaper clippings (Weekly Sun) 

            Call number: 929.3 G3mus K48co

1859-1864   News items & marriage and death notices in Weekly Standard, a newspaper printed in Raleigh, North Carolina

            Call number: 929.3 N8w B851n 1859/1864

1859   Shelby County, Tennessee, newspaper abstracts through 1859   

            Call number: 929.3 T2sh R883s

1860-1876   Extracts from Darlington, S.C. newspapers : the Civil War and Reconstruction

            Call number: 929.3 S7d D313ex

(v. 1) 1860-1948 / (v.2) 1859-1935   Afro-American death notices from eastern North Carolina newspapers

            Call number: 929.3 N8 M969a

1861-1865   The Southern Watchman, Athens, Georgia : Civil War home front coverage

            Call number: 929.3 G3cl P856s 1861/1865

1861-1912   Horry County marriages abstracted from newspapers   (SC)

            Call number: 929.3 S7ho H8165 

1861-1914   Obituaries from Horry County newspapers   (SC)

            Call number: 929.3 S7ho O12

1861-1865   National Intelligencer newspaper abstracts, special edition: the Civil War years   (Wash. D.C.)

            Call number: 929.3 D6 D621n

January 1861-December 1865   Death records from Missouri newspapers: the Civil War years  

            Call number: 929.3 M8 S788de 1861/1865 

1861-1864   Deaths of soldiers from the Fayetteville Observer weekly and semi-weekly (NC)

            Call number: 973.742 S649d 1861/1864

1861-1862   North Carolina's Civil War Soldiers

            Call number: 973.7456 M969n

1862-1865   Select list of articles about North Carolina in northern newspapers

            Location: Genealogy -- Vertical File

            Call number: North Carolina - History - Civil War, 1861-1865 - Sources

1862-1885   Mississippi newspaper obituaries

            Call number: 929.3 M7 W756md

1863-1885    Decatur/Early counties, Georgia, newspaper clippings

            Call number: 929.3 G3de E92d

1865-1870 / 1881-1885   Local history and genealogy abstracts from Marion, Indiana newspapers

            Call number: 929.3 I3mar K591l

1865-1883   Marriage notices in the Cleveland Banner

            Call number: 929.3 T2br S671m

1865-1883   Death notices in the Cleveland Banner

            Call number: 929.3 T2br S671d

1866-1882   Genealogical gleanings from newspapers of Cuba, Allegany County, New York

            Call number: 929.3 N7al M396g

1866-1889   Brooks County, Georgia, newspaper clippings   

            Call number: 929.3 G3bro E92b

1866-1889   Terrell County, Georgia, newspaper clippings

            Call number: 929.3 G3ter K48t

Jan. 1866-Dec. 1870   Death records from Missouri newspapers

            Call number: 929.3 M8 S788de 1866/1870

1867-1917   Pulaski County, Georgia, newspaper clippings

            Call number: 929.3 G3pu E92p

1867-1906   Early Marlboro County, South Carolina newspapers

            Call number: 929.3 S7mar P373e

1868-1873 / 1878-1879     Newspaper extracts from The Hoosier state: Newport, Vermillion County, Indiana

            Call number: 929.3 I3ve S398n

1869-1918   The news from Chauncey  (GA)

            Call number: 929.3 G3do E92n

1870-1890   Gordon County, Georgia, newspaper clippings  

            Call number: 929.3 G3go K48g

1870-1891   Houston County, Georgia, newspaper clippings 

            Call number: 929.3 G3ho E92h

1872-1893   The Pickens sentinel: favorite newspaper of Pickens County: Pickens Court House, South Carolina         

            Call number: 929.3 S7p P419 1872/1893

1872-1895   Abstracts of births, deaths, marriages & other items of interest from Mount Airy, North Carolina newspapers

            Call number: 929.3 N8su W453a

1872-1879   Genealogical abstracts from Spartanburg Co., S.C. newspapers

            *Also covers part of Greenville*

            Call number: 929.3 S7sp V425g

1873-1928    Dodge County newspaper clippings (GA)

            Call number: 929.3 G3do E92d

1874-1881 / 1900-1904   Oglethorpe County, Georgia newspaper extracts: the Oglethorpe Echo   

            Call number: 929.3 G3og M174o5

1874-1882   Oglethorpe, County, Georgia, newspaper clippings

            Call number: 929.3 G3og K48o

1874-1899   Newspaper marriage & death notices from the Landmark, Statesville, North Carolina

            Call number: 929.3 N8i B627n

1874-1900   Newspaper transcripts from the Landmark, Statesville, North Carolina

            Location: Genealogy

            Call number: 929.3 N8i B627ne

1874-1877   Early Newberry: abstracts from Herald and Newberry Herald   (SC)

            Call number: 929.3 S7n G824en

1875-1906   The Elizabeth City North Carolina "Economist" newspaper (Extant issues)

            Call number: 929.3 N8 W723e

1875-1915   Abstracts from The Pickens Sentinel, Pickens, South Carolina

            Call number: 929.3 S7p B189a

June 1875 - January 1881   Jackson County, Georgia newspaper clippings, The Forest News

            Call number: 929.3 G3j P856jn 1875/1881

January 1, 1876-December 31, 1881   Guide to selections from the Montgomery County Sentinel, Maryland  

            Call number: 929.3 M3m B787g 1876/81

1876-1907   Death notices from Reidsville, NC newspapers

            Call number: 929.3 N8roc G633d 1876/1907

1876-1878   Marriage and death notices from the Observer, Raleigh, North Carolina

            Call number: 929.3 N8 M969m

1876- 1935   Newspaper subject index of Wayne County, Tennessee 

            Call number: 929.3 T2way N558 1876/1935

1876-1893   Abstracts from miscellaneous newspapers published in Beaufort, NC

            Call number: 929.3 N8car C647a

1877-1878   Historical sketches of Hertford County   (NC)

            Call number: 929.3 N8her M822h

November 8, 1877-June 24, 1885    Death Notices from the Raleigh Farmer and Mechanic (NC)

            Call number: 929.3 N8 D285

1878-1911   Laurens County, Georgia newspaper clippings   

            Call number: 929.3 G3lau E92l

1879-1900   A Trip down memory lane (NC)

         * Transcripts & abstracts of articles from The Enterprise for Catawba, Mountain Creek, and Caldwell Townships, NC

            Call number: 929.3 N8cat T835.

1880-1938   Annotated obituaries from the Cherokee Advance, Canton, Georgia

            Call number: 929.3 G3che C331a

1880-1884   Extracts from Darlington, S.C. newspapers

            Call number: 929.3 S7d D313e 1880/1884

1881-1885   Jackson County, Georgia newspaper clippings, Jackson Herald 

            Call number: 929.3 G3j P856jh

1881-1888   Newtown Enterprise (NC)

            Call number: 929.3 N8cat M114n

1882-1900   The Anderson Intelligencer : births, deaths, marriages, and genealogical miscellany (SC)

            Call number: 929.3 S7an H294a

1882-1920   Burke County folks : the events in their lives as published in The true citizen (GA)

            Call number: 929.3 G3bur K69b

1883-1885   Index of marriages and deaths in Baltimore American and Commercial Advertiser: Baltimore, Maryland newspapers

            Call number: 929.3 M3ba Z72i 1883/1885

1883-1887   Marriages and deaths in The Clayton Bud and the Weekly Bud

            Call number 929.3 N8jo S253m

1883-1900   An index to the Smithfield Herald

            Call number: 929.3 N8jo B416i (vols. 1-4)

September 15, 1883-June 30, 1893    Death notices from the Raleigh State Chronicle (NC)

            Call number: 929.3 N8 M415d

1884-1901   Cherokee Nation marriages: abstracted from Indian Chieftain newspapers

            Call number: 929.3 O4 B675c

1884-1904   Abstracts of marriages and deaths of extant Washington, NC newspapers, vol. 2 

            Call number: 929.3 N8b A164 v. 2 1884/1904

1886-1919   Montgomery County, Georgia, newspaper clippings

            Call number: 929.3 G3mon E92m

1887-1906   Marriages and Deaths from Washington, NC newspapers, vol. 3 The Washington Progress    

            Call number: 929.3 N8b A164 V. 3 1887/1906

1887 Apr. 29 – 1908 Aug. 13   Murfreesboro index  (NC)

            Location:1st floor Newspapers -- Microfilm

            Call number: MrfIw

1887-1889   Index to The Wilmington Messenger (NC)

            Call number: 929.3 N8ne R288i

Nov. 19, 1890-Dec. 22, 1892 An index to The Chronicle Wilkesboro, Wilkes County, North Carolina

            Call number: 929.3 N8wi H688I

1891-1897    Excerpts from the Hickory Mercury, 1891-1897: a Hickory, North Carolina newspaper

            Call number: 929.3 N8cat M648e

1893-1923   Allie Abernathy's scrapbooks: marriages, deaths, and other items from Chambers County, Alabama, newspapers

            Call number: 929.3 A3ch A146a

1893-1903   Abstracts of genealogical items from the Yadkin Ripple (NC)

            Call number: 929.3 N8y B893a

1894-1899   Rabun County, Georgia, newspapers

            Call number: 929.3 G3r W338r 1894/99

1898-1922   Wilcox County, Georgia, newspaper clippings

            Call number: 929.3 G3wi E92w

Late 19th-20th century   Births, deaths, and marriages from Timmonsville, S.C. newspapers

            Call number: 929.3 S7fl D313b

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