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Financial Publications of North Carolina Government: Department of Revenue

Title pages that link to reports from Department of Revenue

Biennial tax expenditure report


Statistical Abstract of North Carolina Taxes

This report provides statistics concerning taxes imposed under the revenue laws of North Carolina. It is designed to give legislators, tax professionals, researchers, and other interested citizens of North Carolina information about the amount of taxes collected, classifications of taxpayers, and the geographic distribution of taxes. The Statistical Abstract includes both historical series of data and detailed reports for the most recent fiscal or tax year available.

Reports from 1942-1948 were called Report of the Department of Tax Research.  The title changed in 1950 to Statistics of Taxation. 

Reports in paper are available 1942 to present.

Digital issues of the Statistical Abstract of North Carolina Taxes are available 2004 to present.


Biennial Tax Expenditure Report

A tax expenditure is defined as an exemption, exclusion, deduction, allowance, credit, refund, preferential tax rate or other device that reduces the amount of tax revenue which otherwise would be collected. Tax expenditures are created to give economic assistance to certain groups of producers or consumers in the economy, or to promote other policy goals.  This listing of expenditures and measurements of their costs allows legislative review of their impact on the state’s economy and on government revenue.

Reports in paper are available back to 1976.  

Digital issues of the North Carolina Biennial Tax Expenditure Reports are available from 2005 to present.

Corporation income and business franchise taxes: statistics and trends

This report contains statistics concerning business franchise and income taxes imposed on corporations and limited liability companies under the revenue laws of North Carolina.  The report is designed to provide legislators, public officials, tax professionals, researchers and other interested citizens with information about the characteristics of corporate taxpayers and how these taxpayers contribute to the North Carolina’s tax revenues. 

Reports in paper are available from the GHL for 2003 to 2009. 

Digital issues of the Corporation income and business franchise taxes: statistics and trends report are available for 2003 to present.