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This libguide contains a list of newly updated technology competencies for NC library staff. The competencies were revised by the State Library's Continuing Education Advisory Committee in 2015.

About these new technology competencies

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Collaborative Tech Tools: 6 votes (7.89%)
Meeting Technology Competencies: 34 votes (44.74%)
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Tablets: 5 votes (6.58%)
Instructional Design Tools: 7 votes (9.21%)
Total Votes: 76

The State Library of North Carolina's Continuing Education Advisory Committee (CEAC) is responsible for revising this new list of Technology Competencies for North Carolina library staff.  This list of technology competencies is designed to identify the basic skills and knowledge needed by North Carolina library staff to meet the information, computing, and technology needs of library users. These competencies are intended to serve as a resource for libraries and library systems in North Carolina. Each library has the responsibility to determine the appropriate levels for staff members, volunteers, student assistants, interns, and others.

Feel free to download this document and use it locally to identify individual training needs, support staff development efforts, recommend tasks for job testing, create job descriptions, organize new employee orientation, and help staff adjust to continually changing technology. The CEAC hopes to develop this libguide with new training resources aligned to the new technology competencies.  Stay tuned to this space for new content that supports the competencies!

Your feedback on this list of technology competencies is welcome!  Please let us know if you have questions about this document or suggestions for making it more useful. 

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